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Car Laptop Charger (Mini Car Inverter)

Product Code: Mini Car Inverter
Availability: In Stock

Item Introduction: 

The item is a sort of transformation gadget which can change over 12 v dc voltage to 110 v air conditioning voltage. It can help for 150 w force scope of 110 v voltage electrical appliances,widely utilized as a part of machine, TV, vitality sparing lights, advanced cam, cell telephone charging and so forth. An alternate preference is the item with high recurrence transformation innovation, high change proficiency, low clamor, light weight, advantageous for convey and utilization. 

The 5 principle capacities and the name clarified: 

Overheating insurance: If the inverter inner temperature or encompassing temperature is excessively high, and inverter Automatic temperature assurance to stop the yield, to guarantee the wellbeing of electrical supplies. 

Low-voltage insurance: When the battery or power supply voltage is excessively low, the inverter will naturally shutdown assurance to stop yield to ensure the battery or power supply is not traded off. 

Over-voltage assurance: When the DC info voltage surpasses the ordinary range, the inverter will stop naturally close down to ensure the yield, note that the voltage is excessively high may harm the machine. 

Over-burden Protection: When the joined gear surpasses the inverter evaluated force Watt, the inverter will consequently close down to stop yield. 

Yield shortcircuits insurance: when outside electrical gear shortcircuits with the gadget itself, the inverter will consequently be turned off to stop the yield. 

Item Advantages: 

1. Combination shell, immaculate cooling capacity. 

2. General attachment, adjust for worldwide. 

3. USB 5v 1a, can charge for numerous types of cell telephones. 

4. Hush fun, and the info port with swath. 

5. Full power. 

6. Immaculate cooper DC info 1.5mm square line. May withstand the greater current. 

7. 100% new materials and maturing test no less than 3 times. 

8. Best and proficient administration, client's prerequisites are welcome.

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